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Test Pop Up

Currently the pop-up is set to appear only on this page. It can pear in all pages or only in the homepage or whichever subset of pages of the website. Decided by the owner.

When the user interacts (closes the pop-up or submits his information to subscribe ) with the pop-up the  user will not get presented the pop-up again for 8 hours.

This interval can be decided by the owner. e.g it could be set to 1 year if the user actually subscribes and 1 day if the user does not but just dismisses the pop-up. 

In order to trigger the modal again  while auditing you will need to a) use private mode on the browser b) clear browser's cache.

The pop-up appears 1 second after the page-load for testing. This interval can be decided by the owner.

We could trigger the pop-up on page scroll also or with a button which might be less "intrusive" .