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1855-S, survivor of the storm, survivor or time

Published by: Gold Expert on September 28, 2020
1855-S, survivor of the storm, survivor or time

September 9 1857 , off the coast of the Carolinas, the S.S. Central America, better known as the "Ship of gold" combatted a powerful 105mph category 2 hurricane. Ultimately sinking 3 days later. This ship contained 9.1 tons of gold bars and coins. This 1855-S was one of them! This coin not only survived the ferocious storm, but it also managed to remain in almost choice condition underwater for over 130 years. This example was graded by PCGS in MS64.

The coin was then submitted to the Certified Acceptance Corporation, where the coin was awarded their coveted green CAC Sticker. The “green bean sticker” adds an additional layer of confidence ensuring that this fine example meets all the criteria of being in the top of its class within its grade group. According to the PCGS Population Report, this MS64 CAC example is among one of the finest coins known with only 2 examples graded higher. The finest graded example certified by PCGS in MS66 sold in the year 2000 for well over 120k!

Authorized by the Gold Coinage Act or March 3rd, 1849, the Type 1 Double Eagle, is the largest denomination of all general circulation coinage. Designed by James B. Longacre, former Chief Engraver for the United States Mint, this coin was struck with a total weight of 33.44 grams of 900 fine gold, and measures 34 millimeters in diameter. The Obverse depicts Lady Liberty wearing a crown inscribed LIBERTY with 13 stars surrounding her, representing the 13 original colonies. The Reverse depicts an American bald eagle with its wings outstretched, with the Heraldic Shield of the United States on its chest. Surrounding the edge, inscribed are the United States of America, and Twenty D. representing the $20 denomination.

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